Interior Design – Interior Decorating

The difference between interior designer and interior decorators.
Something that is often confused for the same thing but both terms mean something different. Although they have many similarities, they are different professions.

Interior Design

Education – Interior Design is a profession that requires a specific education, starting from HND and involves studying space planing, surveying, architecture, technical drawing, CAD training, sourcing, sustainability and much more.

What they do – Interior Designers can do spatial planing and do design and renovation of interiors. Starting from doing mood boards and initial floor plans to project managing and adding finishing touches. They can work on residential and commercial objets, offices, hospitals, museums, restaurants etc.

Who do they work with – Interior Designers usually work closely with Contractors and Architects to achieve the look that client is after.

Interior Decorating

Education – Interior Decorator doesn’t have to have a formal education. They are mainly focusing on the aesthetic so a knowledge of furniture, finishes, colours, products etc. is desirable.

What they do – Interior Decorators in general don’t do structural changes or renovations. An interior decorator is focused entirely on the furniture, colours, textiles and textures of a room. Their job is to capture the personality and style of the clients and express it.

Who they work with – Interior Decorators don’t normally work with Architects and Contractors since they come at latter stage and do the finishing touches. They would do mood boars, sample boards and possibly provide the furniture and finishes. Sometimes they collaborate with product, furniture and textile designers.