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Interior Design | Retail Design | Commercial Interiors Edinburgh


Exciting new year for Skela Studio. During the holidays’ work was done on the two shops for Maddie and Mark’s Shoes. I will do a story on this later, once everything is finished. We are involved with some lovely new projects too. One of them is a shop refurbishment for a client in Glasgow. There are three shops in total,  the owners are looking for a new look that is contemporary but still has a deep connection with tradition and craftsmanship. Here is the beginning of the process with two mood boards (inspiration boards).



Moodboard #1

The first one has more industrial style. It’s a mixture of old and new. Antique furniture with more modern style. The basic colour scheme is monochrome with wood and touch of the corporate colours.


Moodboard #2

The Second Moodbord is more up-market with reflective surfaces like brass, emerald tiles and smooth finish.


This is just the beginning of the design process and after the client decides on the scheme we’ll be doing a detailed design of each individual shop. This will include designing custom-made furniture and sourcing lighting, fixtures and finishes.


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