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I’m designing a children’s bedroom at the moment and looking at some really clever and sweet furniture. Here are my favourite three elephant chairs:

First one, off-course the classic Eames Elephant by Vitra. Originally designed with children in mind, this iconic Eames design comes in a selection of colours. The creation of husband and wife design duo Charles & Ray Eames, the Elephant is moulded from sheets of durable plastic and makes a charming addition to every space.



The South Korean Brand TITOT. The name is a compound word of ‘Tiny’ and ‘Tot’, is probably my favourite children’s furniture brand at the moment. I love the story behind the design of this elephant. If you are curious check their website here
They provide handmade wood furniture with great consideration for children and their sensitivities.
Designer Joongho Choi is working as a design director for the brand and collaborating with several Korean designers.



The third one: is simple, functional and very sweet little elephant. It was designed in 2015 by Mark Venot who after designing for Hermes, Cartier, Lanvin and Givenchy opened his own studio in 2011. The chair is cleverly designed to look like an elephant’s head with the trunk as a third leg for support. The accompanying table is built in a way to nestle perfectly between the elephant chair’s ears.


I often design custom furniture for children’s rooms as the storage is so essential here to achieve un-cluttered look. Working with the best carpenters in Edinburgh, make an appointment to see if we could help you.