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To say the last couple of years has been unusual is something of an understatement. The global pandemic has seen us forced to stay at home more than we may ever have done before. If you were formally very active and always on the go, home may have seemed a lot more appealing at the end of a long day. Staying home for 90% or more of your time may cause you to feel resentful and irritated with your four walls. This can genuinely cause emotional distress for many people, so to try and feel better about the situation, it is essential to try and rekindle the love you once had for your home. Here are 5 interior design tips for a new year refresh.

1. Do the Furniture Shuffle

There is something therapeutic about having a move around. We can fall into the trap of leaving furniture arranged the same way for years, but having a change can help with feeling more settled about your enforced lock-in. It is nice to view your room in a new light, and you may stumble across an arrangement you love even more. I often move accessories and table lamps from one room to another. I love the different combinations of colours and textures I get. Most of the time the shuffle works but sometimes I have to put them back straight away 🙂

2. Bin the Baggage

We are all guilty of hoarding, we keep things that might come in useful one day, and some cultures feel that physical clutter in our homes is mirrored in our mind, and therefore the energy does not flow well. The principles of Feng Shui encourage decluttering and getting rid of things that may stop you from moving forward. You can gift stuff you don’t need to charity shops or sell them on your local selling sites.

3. Love Something Green

Bringing the outside in has been shown to affect our well-being positively. Another way to feel more comfortable in your home is to go green and get some plants into your living space. Plants need a level of care and attention that brings out a nurturing side, and this creates a sense of satisfaction and positivity as you see your hard work paying off when the plant flower or develops new growth. Having leafy green plants in the home is also good for the air quality, which can also positively impact how we feel.

4. Be Kind to Your Home

One of the most significant downsides of social media is the feeling that everyone else is better than we are. People only post what they want you to see, and image after image of immaculate lounges, bedrooms and kitchens can make us a bit green with envy, but it is just an illusion. We may also feel angry about the rip in the wallpaper and the stain on the carpet, but it is important to try and reframe this into a more positive feeling. Your home is your stronghold and safety, so love it!

5. The Scent of Home

Estate agents always say the smell of freshly baked bread sells homes, and we can use this olfactory response to anchor positive feelings to our home. Burn scented candles or use room sprays with scents you love to create that feeling of warmth and comfort. I am a big lover of scents and I think they make an amazing difference in how we feel in a space. My preference is for natural essential oils but whatever works for you.

I’d love to hear how you are getting on with the tips and if you have any questions feel free to book a complimentary 15 min appointment and discuss this further.