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Interior Design | Retail Design | Commercial Interiors Edinburgh

How to create an eye-catching display?

I often get asked about easy tips for creating in-store displays. Here are three examples:

1. Gather similar objects together.

You can use, colour, texture or anything else that connects the objects together. 

visual merchandising and shop displays

2. Group and repeat objects to create more impact.

Repetition is a well known trick to draw the eye in and create a point of focus. Follow the rule of 3 and 5 items as those are concidered to be most pleasing to look at.  

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3. Add something unexpected!

The element of surprise is always good way to draw attention, retail is very close to theatre so I like to add a bit of drama to my designs.

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That’s it. Three little tips to improve your presentation in your retail stores. If you need to discuss anything feel free to book a 15 min complimentary appointment.

All images credit – Pinterest