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The Importance of Consistent Visual Representation

In the constantly changing world of Retail, consistency is key – from branding to advertising, to website, to social media, all these need to be in sync and be 100% consistent to ensure comprehension of the brand.

OK, so it’s common knowledge about how important it is to have a really great eye-catching window display to entice customers. But also it’s important to stay true to your brand identity and to have consistent visual representation throughout.

The big companies are so good at this, but they have armies of designers, visual merchandisers etc. It is also achievable in the small independent shops, I’ve seen so many beautiful stores, inviting and individual places that speak of the brand, the owners and the people working there.

Here is an example of good Visual Merchandising of one of the big names on the High Street – Urban Outfitters.


Relatively small window display but in keeping with the brand. The same concept and a colour scheme is repeated throughout the store.


The home accessories display is mirroring the look from the front window.


Same with the women’s clothing department.


Same with menswear. Consistency!


Note the marketing – Social Media!


Clever way of up-selling. Display add-on items together with the main merchandise. Here displayed shoe polish together with the shoes. Also, the table is cleverly done to keep additional shoe sizes nearby – no staff running up and down to stockroom to fetch your shoes.


This store had done a great job in representing their brand in all areas. It’s urban, industrial style evident throughout the store and shop windows. They roll out the same style through all the of stores and they all look similar and instantly recognisable wherever they are.