Interior Design | Retail Design | Commercial Interiors Edinburgh
Interior Design | Retail Design | Commercial Interiors Edinburgh


I was delighted to be invited to do visual merchandising and retail styling training for The Shelter Scotland HO in Edinburgh. 

My presentation took two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. I’ve delivered similar training for staff to large department stores but I must admit I particularly enjoyed this one. Those ladies manage their stores on a tight budget and mainly with the help of volunteers. It is not easy at all, so I tried to show them simple and cost-effective ways to make their stores look smart and easy to shop. We talked about window dressing, store layout, best selling spaces, colours, re-using and up-cycling props and many more.

It was a lovely way for all the managers and area managers to share interesting experiences and the best practices as well as learn more about product placement, styling and making the best use of the shop space.


There are different types of consultation to suit various needs and make shops stand out from their competitors. This is a theoretical course suitable for a big group of people. Some retailers prefer hands-on consultation in their shops. There we share ideas and practical ways to improve their visual presentation.

We love helping more independent shops and charities in Scotland to utilise their space better. Book an appointment to see how we can help!