As some of you know I moved to a new home at the end of 2016. Exiting times but also very stressful times. I have moved a lot in the past (even moved country) but this time I found it very hard. Maybe because it was with a little person (my two year old) or maybe I’m just getting old.

I just felt overwhelmed and for a while and I didn’t know where to start. The new place is livable but it just wasn’t/isn’t me. So I started with the room that is the heart of our home – the kitchen.

We couldn’t afford a new kitchen at the moment so I did the old trick of re-painting it. I was happier but we still need some lighting, shelves, new table and chairs, more storage… It’s still work in progress and love seeing it transform.

I’m also keen to make it into an indoor botanical heaven with sweet smelling plants and herbs that I’ll use in my cooking.

The first two images were my inspiration…


Via Bodie and Fou



Via Designers Guild


And this is me starting my collection…