Independent shops

Here are some photos if the Visual Merchandising Training I’ve done last week at The Shelter Scotland HO. There were fifteen store managers present from all over Scotland and two area manages. We had a fantastic day, lot’s of interesting experiences shared and creative ideas exchanged. We talked about window […]


  I took these pictures of store windows in the city centre of Glasgow and Edinburgh. I chose them because they all have the Christmas theme in common but at the same time they’ve all got an unique take on Christmas. To me it’s evident that they are more focused […]

CHRISTMAS WINDOWS (David & Goliath) 

When a shop is designed it’s an exiting process and quite a few people can be involved. There are Interior Designers, Visual Merchandisers, Commercial Team, Buyers etc; they all work together to come up with the best store layout. Something that is inviting for the customers, represents the brand and […]