Interior Design | Retail Design | Commercial Interiors Edinburgh
Interior Design | Retail Design | Commercial Interiors Edinburgh


We are so pleased to say that our Interior Design workshops and courses have been running in Edinburgh for a few years now and we have seen quite a few people making their homes more enjoyable.

It is suitable for absolute beginners or people needing a bit of a refresher. We have people coming to our classes that are interested in Interior Design and might want to pursue it as a career, then there are people that want to have a bit of fun while designing their home. Very often we get people that have just bought new property and are overwhelmed by the scale of the project and don’t know where to start. They find that they gain skills & confidence in tackling their interior design projects. 

Sometimes people are overwhelmed by the inspiring images on Pinterest, Instagram and in magazines. Or sometimes they struggle to find that inspiration, we cover all this on our courses. 

Our courses follow the processes that Interior Designers go through when working on their projects.

What previous participants have to say:

”Thank you for such a great class, can’t wait to do more! You provided us with such great skills that will last a lifetime. Will definitely keep in touch! ” Brodie Sim

”Current living room situation -chaos. Hopefully not a too distant situation, cosy, homely, less chaos… Thanks, Skela Studio for the five past weeks of interior design inspiration and guidance. ”  Eileen Inglis

“This course gave me an extra confidence to experiment with interiors. As a Fashion Designer I have been brave in using colour but with Skela Studio I’ve learned so much more about layout, texture, lighting… My husband is also very keen to go on this course. ” Tanya Marinich


What are the benefits in attending: 

– Gained the confidence to design small interior spaces;
– Learned to do room plans and sections;
– Confidently use colour in interiors;
– Improved drawing skills;
– How to use texture and pattern in interiors;
– To use lighting to create different atmospheres in interiors…


And lot’s of fun spending time with likeminded people and seeing their design process!