Last week Wednesday the 17th and Thursday the 18th I attended Small is Beautiful Conference in Glasgow. And it blew me away; I meet some super people and heard talks of wonderfully inspiring speakers. I’m not going to mention all of them but they were all equally amazing and I took a lot from each one of them.

After the warm welcome of Roanne Dods and Deborah Keough, Ruth Little was talking about ‘The business of making meaning’. The importance of our businesses no matter how small and the possible impact they have on the community.

Ewan McIntosh talked about finding the right client for our business.

Leah Hutcheon talk titled – ‘Time: Your ultimate perishable product’ was focused on finding time for ourselves, enjoying our work and stop glorifying busy.

Matt Perkins was elaborating why  ‘Cash is the King’ and Rory Vaden talked about the Discipline.

Patricia van den Akker gave an inspirational talk about celebrating creativity and uniqueness.

James Greig, Fi Scott and Lucy Simpson, although their talks had different subject matter all three for me had something in common – their honesty and vulnerability was their super power.

Nadine Andrews talked about the nature, the connection and the inspiration for micro businesses.

I found the Short Film by Akiko Kobayashi very moving and encouraging, she spoke of fear and courage.

I got the feeling at this conference that that many of the small creative businesses are not driven by money but by thinking about wider social impact. Something that is close to my heart too and I loved being surrounded by like-minded people.





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